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This has been established as an interactive portal, to host updates and discussions on key schemes including: Catchment Systems Thinking (CaST), Drainage and Wastewater Management Plan (DWMP) and Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP).

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Viewing catchments holistically for the benefit of the environment and communities 


Our long term plan to maintain robust and resilient drainage and wastewater services


Our plan to achieve a long-term sustainable plan for water supplies in North West

Climate Adaptation

Coming soon: our response to climate adaptation and resilience

Key Milestones Timeline

CaST Summary

Catchment Systems Thinking, also known as CaST, is an innovative approach in understanding the needs of the whole catchment, considering what is best for the environment and communities. CaST encourages collaboration and partnership working in order to promote natural capital benefits for the environment – delivering cost-effective solutions. By considering the whole catchment holistically, CaST views water and wastewater in an integrated way, meaning we consider the environment as a connected system, as opposed to siloed processes.

Drainage and Wastewater
Management Plan

The North West is seeing unprecedented levels of growth and development. Coupled with having some of highest rainfall in the UK, the risks posed in the future are pressing. Through the Drainage and Wastewater Management Plan (DWMP) we’re looking ahead – planning today for these future challenges, ensuring our services are resilient and robust.

Water Resources Management Plan

We’re committed to delivering reliable and resilient water supplies to three million households and 200,000 businesses in the North West. Our Water Resources Management Plan defines our strategy to achieve a long-term, best-value and sustainable plan for water supplies in the North West. Alongside this we have our Drought Plan, which sets out the actions that we would take in a drought 

Water Resources West

One of today’s biggest challenges is tomorrow’s water. By 2050 we’re going to need over 200 million additional litres per day. It has to come from somewhere. We’re working together to make a plan. Join us, bring your ideas and your energy.


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